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Funeral Guide

Click to download this guide in pdf.


A few notes if you find yourself in the difficult position of planning a Homegoing service for your loved one. Since thankfully we do not have to plan these services often, folks have recently inquired and we are updating our funeral manual but here are a few tips should you need to know. 

Funeral services at Newman MUST be arranged with the Pastor. If you are an active member of Newman AME Church and desire to hold homegoing services for a family member at Newman please contact the church office at 248 332.2800 or email Our Pastor at: to set up an appointment to discuss the services with the Pastor. If voicemail is activated, please leave a message and your call will be promptly returned. 

The Order of Service MUST be approved by the Pastor after consulting with the Pastor. It may not be changed without the approval of the Pastor.


The funeral director meets with the family to discuss the burial options available to them, but leaves the actual funeral/memorial service for the pastor to organize along with the family. Please note: it is very important for the funeral director and pastor to work closely together to deliver the most professional service possible to the grieving family so please remember to include the pastor in the planning of the service. 

The Pastor should be among the first notified. It is best to meet with the pastor BEFORE going to the funeral home. Funeral services at Newman MUST be arranged with the Pastor.

Most funeral services are conducted five to 10 days after a death occurs. While services are typically conducted late- morning dates and times for funeral services at Newman are to be arranged in consultation with the pastor based on availability of the church and the preferences of the deceased’s family. Weekdays are flexible with the exception of Friday; however, if Friday is the preferred day of the family, the pastor will make every effort to accommodate their request. If the pastor is not available to perform the funeral, the pastor will assign someone. Because of the possible heavy demand upon facilities, Sunday church funerals are not encouraged.


All funeral arrangements must be approved by the pastor prior to them being finalized with the funeral home. Please keep in mind that all funeral services will need to be planned around already scheduled events such as weddings, conferences, workshops, etc. The church will not cancel any major planned events to accommodate funeral services. 

*An Active Member is defined as those members of Newman AME  Church who regularly attend worship services and financially contribute on a consistent basis to the work of the church.



Conducting funerals for people who have no connection with the church is at the discretion of the pastor. The family of inactive or non-members of Newman AME  must contact the church office to schedule an appointment to meet with the pastor should they desire to use Newman’s facilities for the funeral services of a loved one.

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