"The Newman Ensemble"                      Instrumental

"Our Voices of Praise"                           Praise Team

"The Voices of Zion"                              Adult choir

"Sons of Levi"                                       Male chorus


Every Sunday, prior to our morning worship you will hear the uplifting voices of our praise team (The Voices of Praise) setting the stage for the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts as we enter the sanctuary. This choir includes a small group of men and women with dynamic voices. They sing every Sunday and rehearse on Thursdays at 6pm for approximately one hour. 


Rehearsal time for "The Voices of Zion" begins at 7pm on Thursday. This choir has approximately 20 members, both men and women.  We sing every 1st and 3rd Sundays. This choir is a very spiritual and dedicated group of adults. We love to rejoice, fellowship, pray, and sing praises to the LORD!!!!


Newman Church welcomes new dedicated members to join our music ministry. All of GOD'S children are welcome at Newman.